Edinburgh to Glasgow: Our First Glitch

2016-08-18 13.35.24.jpg

We got up fairly early to get out of the suburban hotel and took a taxi to the Edinburgh Waverley Train Station.  The idea was to put our bags in storage for the day, and then wander the city. The problem here was that while standing in a long Left Luggage line (not to be confused with Lost Luggage), we noticed that it would cost us £12 per bag for the day.  Just to store it in a big room! So we looked up options and found out that the Bus Station was only a 5 minute walk away, and we could get a locker for the day, easily big enough for both of our bags for only £6.50.

With our bags away, we started exploring this magnificent city filled with beautiful stone buildings. Everywhere we went, history was staring us in the face, and there were all these fascinating little archways leading to more areas to explore.

There were a couple of interesting aspects to the day.  Edinburgh was hosting the Fringe Festival, which meant there were thousands of people on the streets, as well as extremely goodfringe festival crowds.jpg street performers. And when these performers were in front of old buildings, it worked!  The one truly jarring visual was the Royal Bank of Scotland, est. 1727, with Fringe Festival tents and activities taking place on the front lawn.

It was amazing that so many people were able to withstand the unseasonably hot temperatures for Edinburgh.

waverley station.jpgOnce we’d had enough sightseeing, and were tired anyway, we gathered out bags and headed by train to Glasgow.  It only cost us £12.50 each. Definitely a bargain.And in fact Waverley station itself is quite a marvel.  It occupies a few city blocks in a low valley in the downtown area, and has roughly 25 acres all under a roof.


It’s when we got to Glasgow that the problem started.  I had rented a EuropCar through RentalCars.com and after a 3 km walk got to the EuropCar office. There I found a problem.  They wanted an extra £56 for me to return it to the airport, and an extra £24/day for mandatory insurance that RentalCars didn’t tell me about. That’s a LOT of extra charges.  i checked my agreement, and it stipulates that unless you call RentalCars.com from the rental car counter, they will not offer any refunds.  So I tried and the very friendly EuropCar tried to get in touch with them for over 30 minutes. No luck. Kevin tried online. No luck. Finally we gave in and took the car and all those massive extra charges. Pissed, but nothing we could do about it until we got back home.

But there was a silver lining. EuropCar upgraded us to a Mercedes Benz A180 !!!!  Which is great.  Because we certainly got good value out of it on the very next day……

2016-08-20 07.24.48 HDR.jpg


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